Change We Want To Create

Children are our hope for a better future. However, we cannot expect them to create a better future for the country, when they do not even possess the tools to realize their own dreams.

At The Ghani Welfare Foundation, we aspire to enrich and transform the lives of such children who are the victims of poverty and an unjust social system. We aspire to provide them a sound education that would help them discover their potential and the myriads of promising possibilities that await them. We are resolved to eradicate child labor by replacing their tools of labor with the tools of learning.


Children performing at school’s annual prize ceremony.

We also aspire to eliminate gender discrimination from our society and to facilitate women empowerment. We have an equal male to female student ratio at our school and shall continue to ensure gender equality in educational opportunities. Also, we endeavour to empower local people of the area where we operate our school. Our teaching staff includes some highly ambitious and capable teachers from the area of Shahdara who are helping us achieve our aim of providing an excellent standard of education to underprivileged children. We have dedicated our efforts to the advancement of this area’s disadvantaged people and we are committed to continue to empower more individuals to work themselves out of poverty.

We aspire to further improve the quality of education delivered at our school and to integrate it with modern technology for better learning. We also seek to enroll more students at our school, thereby transforming more lives. We also want to reach out to their families and provide financial support to those living in extreme poverty. We are determined to advance our efforts to educate Pakistan, to expand our schooling system and to create a meaningful sustainable change in society.

Ultimately, we aspire to extend our efforts to other areas of Pakistan, creating more educational opportunities for underprivileged children to alleviate poverty.

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