Send a child to school, sponsor a class room or make a one-time donation. Every rupee counts!

­We aim to provide an ethical service for the collection and distribution of funds in an effective, efficient, transparent and wholly accountable manner.

Please contact us if the donation is for a specific cause with details of the transfer.



Account name: Ghani Welfare Foundation
Account Number : 05708 2908 1004908
Bank name: MCB
Branch code: 0264
Swift code: MUCBPKKA
IBAN: PK78MUCB0570829081004908

United Kingdom

Barclays Bank Plc
Account Name: Ghani Welfare Foundation UK
Sort Code: 20-31-52
Account Number: 63111997
UK Charity Reg. No. 1151511


9 thoughts on “Donate

  1. On my opinion, everybody on this planet has a right on education. I find your work excellent and honourable.
    I cannot donate much, cause I do not have so much. I am also supporting our local fire-fighters here in Germany.
    But I certainly will try to support your group as well.
    You have my utmost respect.
    And…I still have family in Pakistan – they are lucky and all are well educated. But I have been there twice and I have seen a lot…
    I will have to find out the fees to transmissions to either England or Pakistan.

    My best wishes for all of you.


    • Thank you for your kind words. You are playing your part by supporting the fire-fighters. :)

  2. I was made aware of your charitable foundation through the Humans of New York story on Facebook. Please advise your means of taking donations from the USA.

    Thanks and JZK!

    Eager to help,

  3. Kindly let me know how much to donate for a class and how much for one child

    • Amna, to sponsor a child’s education, you have to donate 800pkr per month. This would cover tuition fees, course books, notebooks and stationery. If you want to sponsor a complete class of 25 students, you can donate 20,000pkr every month.

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