Families We Targeted

Most families in the deprived area around our school find it extremely hard to make ends meet. Parents are engaged in a continuous daily struggle for survival of their family. Their children are engaged in various forms of physical labor. Some have never been inside a school. Others, whose parents somehow managed to send them to a government school far away, dropped out quite soon. With low standards of education and under resourced teachers at the public schools, these children who were eager to learn , lost their faith in the power of learning.

There are many families in the area without even a single literate family member. Hence, they continue to fall into even deeper pits of poverty with no way out.

We were surprised to see how most of the families were well aware of the importance of a sound education for their kids. However, unavailability of educational opportunities, terribly low educational standards and the practice of corporal punishment in far-away schools with overfilled classrooms ruined all their plans for educating their children.

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It is these families whose lives we aspire to transform. It is these children whom we seek to provide quality education; children who have the zeal and the aptitude, but lack the resources to pursue their dreams. By creating their access to a sound education, we aim to rescue their dreams from the mire of poverty and ensure for them a promising future ahead.

We believe that it is education alone that can empower these families to free themselves from the handcuffs of poverty. We, at The Ghani Welfare Foundation have created a positive impact in the lives of more than 150 families.

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