Would you like to inspire and make a positive change in underprivileged children’s lives? Do you recognize the importance of educating our next generation? Do you have the ability to encourage and share your knowledge? Do you want to gain practical experience working at a grass roots level?

Ch 4

Chinese interns attending 14th August ceremony in our school.

Chinese 5

Chinese interns educating about their culture.

We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals from a wide range of backgrounds to join us for fun, challenging, rewarding and flexible internships. You will be able to share your own knowledge and experiences while at the same time gaining a new life changing experience. No experience required as we will train, we simply want people who are passionate and enjoy challenges.

Fun – A job working with children, is primarily a fun one. You will be helping children learn through play and you could be organising group activities or working with a child on a one-to-one basis.

Challenging – Working with children also provides constant challenges, personally and professionally. You could be planning a curriculum, a day trip or working with parents – the job will vary from day to day.

Rewarding – A job that involves working with children has many rewards. You will have the enjoyment of working with children and the satisfaction of being involved in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development.

Flexible – We can also offer flexibility of hours, which would allow you to work around family or study commitments. You could complete the internship part-time or full-time.

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