Primary School Teacher

The primary school in Shahdra which has been established since March 2011 provides underprivileged children the opportunity to access free education to the highest standards, free meals and free books. This promotes an environment where the act of developing and teaching bright students is more important than producing profits. Focus is maintained on keeping teacher to student ratios low and giving teachers the scope to practice the latest teaching techniques.

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We are looking for an experienced teacher who is interested in taking on new challenges and motivated by teaching bright people who may not normally get the opportunity to obtain an education. The individual will have a natural aptitude for teaching, and will be able to become a strong member of the school’s team. The individual will be proactive, and be able to take greater responsibility as the school implements its ambitious plans to expand.

As well as being responsible for teaching a class of students, the teacher will have input on admission interviews, course design, extra circular activities, developing liaison with the parents and under taking teacher training programs.

The ideal candidate will have a number of years’ experience in teaching primary grade children, and have experience teaching an English based syllabus.

The school recognizes the value of great teachers and for this reason is offering competitive salaries.

The candidate must be able to travel to Shahdra, Lahore.

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