An initiative to Own l Educate l Sustain

“How can I light a candle instead of cursing the darkness?” was what a group of students thought when doing a research on child labour in Pakistan. It was highly distressing to see a large number of under-privileged children engaged in various forms of labour due to sheer inaccessibility of educational opportunities in the area.

They, hence, took an initiative: An initiative to Own, Educate and Sustain. In 2011, a team of enthusiastic youngsters started off by assuming the responsibility for the education of 30 children in a deprived area of Shahdra. The Ghani Grammar School, the first initiative of the Ghani Welfare Foundation, aimed to provide the best possible education to socially and economically disadvantaged children. The team pledged to sustain the initiative and to ensure that the children were equipped with the indispensable tools of education and learning for a fulfilling life ahead.



A child in class prep reciting a poem.


The Ghani Welfare Foundation is a registered non-profit organization which was started in February 2011 with an aim to educate the underprivileged children of Pakistan and provide them with equal opportunities, so that they could reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world. GWF believes that the key to alleviate poverty and solve the many other issues that  Pakistan faces is through widespread education of society.

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  1. as i belong to a faraway and backward district of KPK Chitral.if there is any type of volunteer work is rquired my services are always ready for you

    • Thank you for your interest Tajammul. We will definitely let you know.

  2. i am highly impressed by your foundation.. i live in Rawalpindi and want something here too..pls guide me and if some one already working here pls intimate me thanks

    • Thanks a lot Sofia for your kind words. Currently, we are working in Lahore only. But we do have plans to run projects in other cities as well, and we will definitely contact you. Please leave us an email at

  3. I am very much impress by your initiative and work . What help you need to extend your work please email me. It would be my pleasure if I could be a part of your team

  4. I just saw ths on face book and thn continued on the website . I want to help ure organisation but I ve sufferd my share of fraud NGOs nd and websites!! So Plz can u send me any details regarding the authenticity of Ghana foundation
    Much thanks
    Mrs Ammad

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