What’s My Fault?


By Usman Ali

I was born in a poor family
What’s my fault?
I too had some dreams,
Dreams that needed to be fulfilled.

I too wanted my childhood to be memorable…
With books, colours and flowers,
I wanted to play with small cars.

i wanted to run behind the butterflies,
and catch them…
And jump in the streets,
With my hands full of sweets.

On my palm, I wished to have a red and black dotted bird…
And cry with joy that i caught a lady bird, I caught a lady bird.

I wanted to have cakes, candies and chocolates…
Wanted to play in school, with my class mates.

I wanted to dance in the rain,
With no worries and pain…
On the roads, I wanted to run,
In my childhood, I wanted to have some fun.

But all i got was misery and pain,
I was strangled in a million chains.

On my little shoulders, i had some weight…
I was worried about the things,
which were not meant for me to relate.

All my dreams were shattered…
My wishes were never meant to be fulfilled.
Life was difficult and people were harsh…
To make living possible, Day and night,
I laboured hard!

Now sometimes i cry
And ask my Lord…
I was born poor
What’s my fault?

– Around 4 million children of age group 5-14 years are victims of Child Labour in Pakistan and this figure is increasing every day because of inflation and poverty. We cannot wait for the government to take some step against it.. Need is to do something at our own!

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